If your organization is responsible for the well-being of youth, it’s imperative that you are doing all you can to minimize the risk of abuse. That doesn’t mean policies & procedures that are so restrictive, they can’t be implemented, but checks the box that you have them.  That doesn’t mean training that is not research-informed, but checks the box that you’ve done it.

In addition to helping you do the right thing, Stark Consulting Group can help you comply with state and federal laws, licensing or insurance requirements, and truly make an impact in protecting youth. It’s possible your organization may have to start doing things differently than you have in the past. We can help support you through those transitions, so they become part of your organization’s culture.

The work we do is individualized, to meet your organization’s specific needs. We will meet with you and your leadership to learn about your particular organization…how it is structured, its culture, its history with youth protection…and develop a personalized plan.

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