If you are a coach, youth worker, administrator or parent, youth protection is priority number one.

But, how can you move your intentions into action? Stark Consulting Group works with youth serving organizations, school systems, amateur youth sports organizations and parents on child sexual abuse prevention and response.  Our work is research-informed and steeped in best practices.

We see headline after headline of abuse allegations in youth serving organizations and in sports leagues. One can no longer live with the false belief that their organization is different from the others.

1 in 10 children are sexually abused by their 18th birthday, and 90% of those children are abused by someone they know, love or trust.

Those statistics – while difficult to read – should help you better understand the breadth and depth of child sexual abuse.  We help develop or strengthen policies & procedures and offer personalized training and information.  We have the singular purpose of minimizing the risk of abuse within your organization and helping staff, volunteers and parents fully understand their legal and moral reporting obligations.

  • Develop or update your organization’s policies & procedures for best practices and legal compliance;
  • Conduct or provide a meaningful and impactful staff training;
  • Provide accurate and appropriate training for parents; and
  • Provide age-appropriate and research-informed prevention information for your youth.

Guiding Principles

Do the right thing. Always.

Do what best protects the youth.

Meet people where they are and help shepherd them forward.

Let the research and best practices guide the work.

Do the right thing. Always.

For More Information: toby@starkcg.net

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