One Important Step to Help Protect Children During Covid-19 Shelter in Place

I understand that you are probably treading water as our lives have completely turned upside down, so I will keep this short and sweet. I want to share with you ONE thing you can do TODAY to better protect our children during this “Shelter in Place.”

Unprecedented times often result in unprecedented communications and relationships. Your children are likely doing e-learning for school, using Facetime for music lessons, or using technology to communicate with coaches as the spring season approaches. Not to mention the over-the-top use of social media. 

One of the most powerful ways to prevent child sexual abuse is to minimize one-on-one situations with minors. The same premise holds true with electronic communication.

PARENTS:  Have this conversation with your children…whether they are in elementary school or high school or somewhere in between. They should know that if any adult (including adults they know) are making electronic or social media contact with them, they need to copy you in their response.

EMPLOYERS:  Please remind your staff and volunteers that they should not be electronically interacting individually with any minors.  They need to communicate with the entire group or include a parent/guardian.

HEAD COACHES: Hopefully you have policies & procedures that prohibit one-on-one interactions with minor athletes (If you don’t, you should!) Please take just a moment to remind your coaches that that includes electronic and social media interactions with players. Remind them to communicate with the entire team or include a parent/guardian.

And, as always….please contact me at 317.200.2863 or if I can help you with your policies, procedures and training related to child sexual abuse prevention and response.

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